Specialised Staffing

Great Staff Specialised Staffing Solutions offers transparent prices with a service fee plus employee direct cost model. We will provide you with the research and recommendations you need to negotiate remuneration with you potential hire.

The three parts pricing structure of Specialised Staffing Solutions :

Employee Direct Cost


Negotiated between yourself and your new team member. This is dependent upon required skills, qualifications and experience.

Mandatory Legislated Benefits

These government mandated contributions are a small percentage of an employee’s salary:

  • Social Security System Contribution
  • Phil-Health
  • Pag-Ibig (Housing Contribution)

Mandatory 13th Month Pay

Under Philippine labour laws, employers are required to pay a 13th month salary, pro-rata, in bonus every December. Monthly, 8.34% of a team member’s direct cost is charged to provision for this bonus.

Great Staff Service Fee

Our reasonable service fee per Great Staff enables us to be a sustainable partner of your business. A significant portion of the service fee covers the provision of:

Our affordable monthly service fees starting from AU$500 plus GST or US$375 are quoted based on a number of factors unique to each business.

Recruitment and Setup Fee

We spare no effort when recruiting your Specialised Great Staff, by casting a wide net and vetting for the best available candidates for you to select from. Candidates undergo: